Utah Division of State History - Cemeteries and Burials
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Cemetery Name ▲ City ▼ County ▼ Address Status ▼ Action
Adairville Cemetery UT Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument - north of US 89 Abandoned
Adams Burial Layton Davis Hwy 89 Layton UT 84040 Abandoned
Adamsville Cemetery Adamsville Beaver Main St Adamsville UT Abandoned
Alder Family Cemetery Trout Creek Juab Trout Creek Utah 84083 Private Family Cemetery
All Saints Episcopal Church Memorial Garden SLC SALT LAKE 1710 Foothill Dr SLC UT 84108 Active
Allen Canyon Ute Cemetery San Juan North Cottonwood Rd UT Active
Allen Family Cemetery Daggett Browns Park Rd UT Private Family Cemetery
Alpine City Cemetery Alpine UTAH 300 N Grove Dr Alpine UT 84004 Active
Alta Cemetery Alta Salt Lake Near Transfer Tow Alta UT 84092 Abandoned
Altamont Cemetery Altamont Duchesne 1 mile southwest of Atlamont Altamont UT 84001 Active
Alton Cemetery Alton Kane Approx. 800 South & 400 West. Alton UT 84710 Active
Altonah Cemetery Altonah Duchesne 15490 W 5900 N Altonah UT 84002 United States Active
American Fork Cemetery American Fork UTAH 26 West 600 North American Fork UT 84003 Active
Anderson Family Cemetery Toquerville Washington Anderson Junction Toquerville UT 84774 Abandoned
Anderson Family Cemetery (Millard) Meadow Millard UT133 Meadow UT Inactive
Anderton Family Cemetery Marysvale Piute Old State Hwy Marysvale Utah 84750 Private Family Cemetery
Andy Swenson Burial Grand Abandoned
Aneth area burials San Juan Inactive
Annabella Cemetery Annabella SEVIER 200 North 650 East Annabella UT 84711 Active
Antimony Cemetery Antimony Garfield South Black Canyon Rd Antimony UT 84712 Active
Arcadia (Red Cap) Baby Cemetery Arcadia Duchesne Arcadia UT 84021 Inactive
Asay Town Cemetery Hatch Garfield Highway 89, about 7 1/2 miles south of Hatch Hatch UT Abandoned
Aultorest Memorial Park Ogden WEBER 836 36th Street Ogden UT 84403 Active
Aurora Cemetery Aurora SEVIER 280 N 200 W Aurora UT 84620 United States Active
Avalon Cemetery Randlett Uintah 3500 S 14500 E Randlett UT 84063 Active
Avon Cemetery Avon CACHE 10940 S 700 E Avon UT 84328 Active
Axtell Cemetery Axtell Sanpete 3/4 miles south of Axtell, 1/4 miles off of 89. Road parallel to Willow Creek. Axtell UT 84621 Active
B'nai Israel Cemetery Salt Lake City Salt Lake 4th Avenue Salt Lake City UT 84103 Active
Baby Cemetery Hildale Washington Hildale Utah 84784 Abandoned
Baby Redmond Burial Antimony Garfield Antimony Utah 84712 Abandoned
Barben Manning Creek Cemetery Marysvale PIUTE 6435 S Barben Dr Marysvale UT 84750 Active
Bates Family Cemetery Garrison Millard Bates Family Ranch Garrison UT 84728 Private Family Cemetery
Bear River City Cemetery Bear River City BOX ELDER 4600 West 5600 North Bear River City UT 84301 Active
Beaver Dam Cemetery Beaver Dam Box Elder Beaver Dam Rd Beaver Dam UT 84306 Active
Ben Lomond Cemetery North Ogden WEBER 526 East 2850 North North Ogden UT 84414 Active
Benjamin Cemetery Benjamin UTAH 8042 S 3200 W Benjamin UT 84660 Active
Bennett / Peterson Bennett Uintah Just south of 2750 East 4000 North Bennett Utah 84085 Inactive
Bettino Burial Site Carbon Abandoned
Bicknell Cemetery Bicknell Wayne 900 S. 200 E. Bicknell UT 84715 Active
Big Creek Ranch Cemetery Meadowville Rich Big Creek Meadowville Utah 84038 Private Family Cemetery
Bingham Cemetery South Jordan SALT LAKE 7800 W Old Bingham Hwy South Jordan UT 84095 Active
Blanding City Cemetery Blanding SAN JUAN 500 North Grayson Parkway Blanding UT 84511 Active
Blood Family Cemetery Angle Piute Angle Piute 84712 United States Private Family Cemetery
Bluebell Cemetery Bluebell DUCHESNE 12757 West 4000 North Bluebell UT 84007 Active
Bluff area family Cemetery San Juan UT Inactive
Bluff Cemetery Bluff San Juan Bluff UT 84512 Active
Bluffdale Cemetery Bluffdale SALT LAKE 14229 South Redwood Road Bluffdale UT 84065 Active
Boulder Town Cemetery Boulder Garfield Boulder UT 84716 Active
Bountiful City Cemetery Bountiful DAVIS 2224 South 200 West Bountiful UT 84010 Active
Boyer Grave San Juan Abandoned
Bridgeland Cemetery Bridgeland Duchesne 12000 W Bridgeland UT 84012 Active
Brigham City Cemetery Brigham City BOX ELDER 300 S 300 E Brigham City UT 84302 Active
Brigham Young Cemetery Salt Lake City UT 1st Ave Salt Lake City UT Inactive
Bryce Canyon City Cemetery Bryce Canyon City Garfield 260 E Center St Bryce Canyon City Utah 84764 Active
Bryce Woodlands Cemetery Alton Kane Alton Utah 84710 Active
Bug Point Burial San Juan Abandoned
Bunker Ranch Cemetery Delta Millard Delta Millard UT Abandoned
Burkett Burial San Juan Abandoned
Burrville Cemetery Burrville Sevier 300 S Burrville UT Active
Burton Family Cemetery Jensen Uintah 2.5 miles west from Dinosaur Monument Jensen Utah 84035 Abandoned
Caineville Cemetery Cainsville Wayne Cainsville UT 84775 Active
Cajon Mesa Burials San Juan UT Inactive
Call's Fort Cemetery Honeyville Box Elder 5510 North US Highway 38 Honeyville UT Active
Callao Cemetery Callao Juab Calleo Cutoff Rd Callao UT 84083 Abandoned
Calliham Family Cemetery Ucolo San Juan N Old Hwy and Ucolo Rd Ucolo UT 84512 Active
Camp Floyd Cemetery Fairfield Utah Camp Floyd Cemetery Rd Fairfield UT 84013 Inactive
Cannonville Cemetery Cannonville Garfield PO Box 180014 Cannonville UT 84718 Active
Carbonville Cemetery Carbonville Carbon Prazen Lane Carbonville UT 84501 Active
Cass Hite Burial San Juan Abandoned
Castle Dale City Cemetery Castle Dale EMERY 640 N Center St Castle Dale UT 84513 Active
Castle Gate Cemetery Helper Carbon Hwy 191 at Willow Creek Helper UT 84526 Active
Castle Valley Cemetery Castle Valley GRAND 179 Castle Valley Dr Castle Valley UT 84532 Active
Castleton Cemetery Castleton Grand 6691 E Castleton Rd Castleton UT 84532 Active
Cathedral of the Madeleine Burial SLC SALT LAKE 331 E South Temple SLC UT 84111 Inactive
Cedar City Cemetery Cedar City IRON 685 N Main Cedar City UT 84720 Active
Cedar Fort Cemetery Cedar Fort UTAH 238 S 100 W Cedar Fort UT 84013 Inactive
Cedar Point Cemetery Utah UT Active
Cedarview Cemetery Roosevelt Duchesne U101 Roosevelt Utah 84066 United States Inactive
Centerfield Cemetery Centerfield SANPETE 425 South Main Centerfield UT 84622 Active
Centerville City Cemetery Centerville DAVIS 650 East 400 South Centerville UT 84014 Active
Central (Slovenian) Cemetery Spring Glen Carbon Highway 6 Near Golf Course Spring Glen UT 84501 Inactive
Central Cemetery Central WASHINGTON 369 E 200 S Central UT 84722 Active
Central Valley Town Cemetery Central Valley Sevier Center St Central Valley UT 84754 Active
Charleston Cemetery Heber City WASATCH 2800 US 189 Heber City UT 84032 Active
Chester Cemetery Chester Sanpete off Hwy. 117 Chester UT 84646 Active
Chicken Creek Cemetery Juab Abandoned
Chief Green Jacket Grave Site Barro Tooele Barro UT 84080 United States Abandoned
Chief Piute Posey Burial San Juan Abandoned
Circleville Cemetery Circleville Piute PO Box 172 Circleville UT 84723 Active
Cisco Cemetery Cisco GRAND Cisco UT 84515 Abandoned
City View Memoriam Mausoleum & Mortuary Salt Lake City SALT LAKE 1001 11th Avenue Salt Lake City UT 84103 Active
Clarion Cemetery Sanpete Inactive
Clarkston Cemetery Clarkston Cache 700 North 300 East (Approx.) Clarkston UT 84305 Active
Clawson Cemetery Clawson Emery Highway 10, 5 miles South of Clawson Clawson UT 84516 Active
Clear Creek Cemetery Clear Creek BOX ELDER 27030 N 51750 W Clear Creek UT 83342 Active
Clear Lake Cemetery Clear Lake Millard Pot Mountain Rd Clear Lake Utah Abandoned
Clearfield City Cemetery Clearfield DAVIS 1050 South State Street Clearfield UT 84015 Active
Cleveland Town Cemetery Cleveland EMERY PO Box 325 Cleveland UT 84518 Active
Cliffview Cemetery Price CARBON 1800 E 800 N Price UT 84501 Active
Clinton City Cemetery Clinton DAVIS 750 West 800 North Clinton UT 84015 Active
Clover Cemetery Rush Valley (Clover) Tooele Johnson Lane & Hwy 199 Rush Valley (Clover) UT 84069 Active
Coalville City Cemetery Coalville SUMMIT 170 East Chalk Creek Road Coalville UT 84017 Active
Colton Heiner Cemetery Price Utah Price UT 0 Abandoned
Cooper/ Hughes/ Vickory Cemetery Rockport Summit Highway 32 Rockport UT Abandoned
Corinne Cemetery Corinne BOX ELDER 4970 W. 2000 N. Corinne UT 84307 Active
Cornish Cemetery Cornish Cache 5800 W Cornish UT 84308 Active
Crandall Canyon Mine Huntington Emery Huntington Utah 84528 Abandoned
Crescent Cemetery Sandy SALT LAKE 11105 South State Sandy UT 84070 Active
Crowther Gravesite Notom Wayne Notom Utah Abandoned
Croydon Cemetery Croydon Morgan Cemetery Rd Croydon UT 84018 Active
Crystal Cove Cemetery Johnson KANE 7295 Johnson Canyon Rd Johnson UT 84741 United States Inactive
Cutler Hill (Pioneer) Cemetery Midvale Salt Lake The cemetery is set into a field north of Center Street (approximately 7800 South), near the intersection with Holden Street (700 West). Midvale UT 84046 United States Inactive
Daily Carpenter Burial San Juan Abandoned
Daniel Wood Cemetery Bountiful DAVIS 374 South 500 West Bountiful UT 84010 Inactive
Daniel's Family Cemetery Lapoint Uintah 4000 N Lapoint UT 84039 Abandoned
David Ellsworth Burial Glendale KANE 295 N Main St Glendale UT 84729 United States Abandoned
DayStar Cemetery Castle Valley Grand 320 E Castleton Rd Castle Valley UT 84532 Active
Deadmans Grave Jensen Uintah Red Washington Camp Rd Jensen UT 84035 United States Abandoned
Deep Creek Cemetery Wayne SR 24 UT Abandoned
Delta City Cemetery Delta Millard 700 North 350 East (357 East Canal Rd) Delta UT 84650 Active
Delta Scattered Burials Delta Millard Delta Utah Abandoned
Dennis Cemetery Marysvale Piute Marysvale UT 84750 United States Inactive
Deseret City Cemetery Delta MILLARD 4370 W. 4000 S. Delta UT 84624 Active
Desert Lake Cemetery Emery UT 84513 Inactive
Deweyville Cemetery Deweyville Box Elder 10870 N Hwy-38 Deweyville UT 84309 Active
Diamond Cemetery Eureka Juab Dry Canyon Eureka UT Inactive
Doles Ranch Cemetery Castleton Grand 7145 E Castleton Rd Castleton UT 84532 Active
Douglass Family Burials Jensen Uintah Hwy 149 Jensen UT 84035 Abandoned
Dover Pioneer Cemetery Fayette Sanpete Fayette River Ln Fayette UT 84630 Inactive
Dowds Grave Jessen Butte Daggett FR218 Jessen Butte Utah Abandoned
Dragon Cemetery Dragon Canyon Uintah 46755 S Dragon Canyon Rd Dragon Canyon UT Inactive
Draper City Cemetery Draper SALT LAKE 12450 South 900 East Draper UT 84020 Active
Dry Fork Cemetery Vernal Uintah 6600 Dry Fork Cemetery Rd Vernal UT 84078 Active
Duchesne City Cemetery Duchesne Duchesne 700 S Hwy 191 Duchesne UT 84021 Active
Duncan's Retreat Washington Duncan's Retreat was located on the north side of the Virgin River, where Mukuntuweep Creek enters the Virgin River. It was located 4 miles east of Virgin and 3.5 miles west of Grafton (on the south side of the current Highway 9, between Mile Markers 24 a UT Inactive
Dutch John Cemetery Dutch John DAGGETT 245 N Elk Ridge Pkwy Dutch John UT 84023 United States Active