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The aritst created Convergence in response to the Labratory Committee's desire to commission at work that gives visual form to the work of various teams and labs in the building and their work to arrive at the truth in the many mysteries and challenges they work with every day. The artist created this work representing a human face through the creation of and assembly of parts of varying size and composition to arrive at the figure looking skyward.

The sculpture measures 20’ tall from the top of the concrete base to the top of the head.  It is fabricated from approximately 2,500 cast aluminum/magnesium alloy rings of three different sizes.  The alloy used for the castings is an aluminum/magnesium alloy known as “Almag 535”.  The rings were each welded together using both the Mig and Tig welding processes.  The sculpture is affixed to the base with Stainless steel anchor bolts and is wire-braced using stainless steel wire rope and turnbuckles.  The sculpture weights approximately 1,800 lbs.